Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Allergies in Bloom

Everywhere you look, Spring has definitely arrive--warm, sunny days encouraging blossoms and blooms to burst into vibrant colors. Good ol' Spring--season of new growth, new hope and new life. BUT, let's not forget, it's also the starting gun for allergies.                        

After a cold, wet winter, Spring is a welcome season. However, the first signs of cherry blossoms, magnolias and freshly cut grass may also bring headaches, red itchy eyes, constantly runny noses and those non-stop sneezes. Allergy sufferers know what I mean--all the symptoms of a nasty cold but it's only allergies. How many times do we hear it or have said it ourselves?

We may as well wear a sign proclaiming "Not a Cold--It's Allergies!" Or, better yet, a tee-shirt or sweat-shirt with those words boldly marching across your chest. In any type of line-up, as part of an audience, at the malls or anywhere there are more than two people in close proximity to you--even in a tiny elevator space--have you noticed a clear space around you?

I love Spring. It's such a beautiful time of new growth, new life. Nature's colors are spectacular as the bright yellow daffodils, shy violets, vibrant tulips and clusters of snowdrops mingling with purple hyacinthes, all vie for attention with the majestic magnolias, magnificent rhododendrons and boulevards of pink cherry blossoms.        

Nature's canvas--a sight for sore irritable eyes. For all Spring allergy sufferers, this will eventually pass unless you're a Summer allergy sufferer. . .

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