Saturday, 15 March 2014

What am I Reading?

Every now and then, I like to comment on various books I've recently enjoyed. Victoria, BC is a city of writers, book stores, coffee bars and chocolatiers. What more can a dedicated reader/writer ask for?

I've never read Ben Coes, but Eye for an Eye has made me a convert. Ben does a series featuring Dewey Andreas, former Army Ranger and Delta Force, who is on a personal mission of revenge. Even if Dewey cuts himself loose and goes rogue, his mission is unalterable. The political dramas, world intrigues and a very real scenario of China's possible mega-financial aid to the Americans, makes this an exciting book. Eye for an Eye is fast-paced and satisfied my blood-thirsty penchant for a great action story. Due to be released in June 2014, Coes' newest Dewey Andreas, Independence Day will definitely have me in line when it hits the bookstores. If you can't wait his e-books are available on both and .

I've just finished devouring a crime-mystery, A Hemorrhaging of Souls, written by Canadian crime-writer, dedicated hockey player and fellow chocoholic, Nicola Furlong, who can be found at  I love reading mysteries, thrillers, adventures, historical-romances,--anything that grabs my eyeballs from the first page and holds it to the last. A Hemorrhaging of Souls does this admirably.
Set in an all-girls' Catholic school, someone has been killing its young students. Tempest Ivory, child psychologist and gifted soprano, desperately searches for answers as to who and why.  Cleverly woven into the story is the turbulent family relations between Patrick Painter, homicide detective in charge of of the case and his father, Leonard, a retired cop.  Tempest's traumatic childhood slowly emerges with the discovery of a personal connection to the Catholic school. With the opera, Rigoletto, playing in the background, A Hemorrhaging of Souls races to an astonishing, yet satisfying conclusion of the murders at the private all-girls' school.
I consider this a 'quick-read' as the story really moves along. You've got the clues, you've got the suspects, but who dunnit? Get your copy at and find out for yourself.

The blend between truth and fiction can become indistinguishable when diving into a James Rollin story. Years ago, I was hooked with Subterranean followed by at least a dozen more stories, falling from Rollin's  talented pen. With each book, the readers are taken on an international adventure, spiced with a dollop of supernatural and always with a good historical/archeological background. Co-authored with Rebecca Cantrell, Rollin's latest book, Innocent Blood carries on the Order of the Sanguines series, began in Blood Gospel. I'm not sure if I totally liked this book as it continues to raise some perplexing questions on the accepted teachings of the Holy Bible. Combined with science and mystical beliefs, Rollins and Cantrell have crafted a believable and plausible story. I found this is not a book to race through as there are several subplots happening--and as a reader, you don't want to miss out on any nuances. All of it eventually converges to a climax that will definitely lead to another book in the Order of the Sanguines series.

After reading Innocent Blood,  I wanted something light and funny. Relish, My Life in the Kitchen, is a fun read by Lucy Knisley. Lucy's graphic memoirs, with its cherished family   recipes is a humorous romp through her childhood and growing-up years with a chef Mom and a gourmand Dad. Relish is a fast and entertaining read as Lucy uses her art to tell the story. Filled with a peek at her foodie childhood and coming-of-age, this very entertaining book also includes some fail-proof, mouth-watering recipes that are easy to follow. Relish is Lucy's second book and makes a perfect gift for any foodie! It is a book easily dipped into again and again. Relish rates a place on my bookshelf--beside my other well-thumbed cookbooks!

James Patterson is a prolific writer who creates several series. His Alex Cross books are always thrilling and suspenseful. Double Cross was written in 2007, but I finally got hold of a copy and thoroughly enjoyed diving into it. Double Cross has not one, but two psychopathic killers, on separate missions, to destroy Alex Cross. Just when he returned to his psychiatry practice full-time, Dr. Cross is faced with a series of homicides, bizarre enough to make him a consultant teamed with his girlfriend, Detective Bree Stone and his old partner, Detective John Sampson. This book moves rapidly along, with its twists and turns, culminating in an acceptable climax, but leaving the readers holding its breath, knowing another Alex Cross story is coming!

So, these are my choices of reading material over the last weeks. I've not included my various magazines, journals and daily newspapers. For me, reading books are pleasurable fuel for the brain; reading newspapers are a constant source of inspiration and reading my magazines are always a luxury. And, of course, having a supply of "Triple Layer Double Fudge Brownies," makes any reading, very decadent.

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