Monday, 21 July 2014


Summertime is always a good time to grab a book for the beach, the plane or just for pure enjoyment on your sunny deck. Here's a list of great books for anytime reading.

Tom Clancy's Against all Enemies is a non-stop, action-filled, crime/thriller taking today's drug wars into international waters. It begins with ex-Navy SEAL, Maxwell Moore, quietly working for the CIA in transporting a high-ranking Taliban leader back to the USA. It should have been a simple prisoner transfer, but in the world of terrorists and drug smugglers, nothing is ever simple--one either succeeds or die trying. This same code applies to Navy SEALs. When Max discovers his fight against the Talibans and the opium wars in Afghanistan has spread to an alliance with powerful Mexican cartels, he knows he'll be facing a bloody battle.  Not only will there be a vicious war on home soil but a war for money, power and ultimate control of the drug trade, both at home and abroad.  Weaving an all-too-real tale of the working poor in Mexico and the Middle East, the very wealthy North American upper-class plus the power, intrigue and evil that drugs can bring, Against All Enemies is another winner for Clancy. I hope there will be more Clancy novels coming on ex-SEAL, Maxwell Moore, for he's a good man to have guarding your back.

The Memory Box, a first-time novel by Eva Lesko Natiello, is a can't-put-down, suspenseful, psychological, mind-bender--a story guaranteed to keep you up late at night just to find out what is really going on?  Caroline Thompson, a suburban housewife, succumbs to the simple act of Googling herself and immediately opens a terrifying Pandora's box. Her impulsive curiosity propels her down a memory lane that is filled with sham, deception, delusions, misunderstanding and paranoia. The peaceful illusion of her supposedly perfect home life is destroyed by her persistence in seeking the truth. But what exactly is the truth? Are her two loving daughters, her devoted husband and her few close friends real?  Through a series of clever twists and turns, Natiello maintains the psychological suspense to the last satisfying words.  Some words of advice--do not start reading The Memory Box before going to bed. And, never Google yourself!

High Chicago, a fast-paced crime thriller by Canadian writer, Howard Shrier, grabs you by the eye-balls and doesn't let go. Toronto private investigator, Jonah Geller,  first introduced in "Buffalo Jump" returns with a new business, "World Repairs," co-owned with his partner and best friend, Jenn Raudsepp. Investigating an apparent suicide leads to the dark side of construction, development and a very shady multimillionaire, Simon Birk.  Birk has long been suspected of whistling up mobsters, muscles and hitmen with a flick of his finger.
Jonah proves to be a formidable opponent who has his own sources of information and a hidden weapon--a retired mobster who will do anything to help his friend and has all the shady connections to do it.  I like this well-crafted thriller--at times violent, filled with great dialogue, a bit of humour and believable characters.  High Chicago may be my first Howard Shrier novel but definitely not my last. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy some great escapism!

The Kill Switch, from James Rollins, co-authored with Grant Blackwood, is the long awaited novel featuring Tucker Wayne and  his loyal partner Kane.  Captain Tucker Wayne and military dog, Kane, have been involved in Sigma Force assignments before but this is their first solo adventure showcasing the intelligence, abilities and stalwart teamwork of a military dog and his human partner. Completing one assignment of successfully protecting a Russian industrialist's life, Tucker and his shepherd, Kane, are assigned another task of bringing an arrogant Russian scientist, Abram Bukulov, back to America as quickly as possible. But no matter where they go, someone is betraying their whereabouts and they are relentlessly hunted by a team of deadly assassins, controlled by a mysterious Russian general bent on revenge and power.  The Kill Switch is a heart-pounding thriller as only James Rollins and Grant Blackwood can create--writing with real-time knowledge, up-to-date research plus a deep understanding of world politics and power. If you pick up this book, be sure you have no appointments or social engagements to interfere with a darn good tale about a man, his almost human dog, a travelogue of lesser-known places traversed and  the evil people lurking behind public faces.

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