Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another Windy, Blustery Day

Being in the supposedly warmest part of Canada doesn't necessarily exempt Victorians from a week of cold temperatures, ice and snow.  But, being where we are also proves that a week of the wintery blustery weather other parts of Canada may suffer, doesn't last either--a night of heavy rain washed away any memories of the icy white stuff!  Today is a day of blustery winds that threatens to blow you over.  This is definitely a good day to snuggle inside with a good book, a pot of hot coffee and the warmth of a cozy fire.  Today is also the eve of the Chinese New Year and the powerful Year of the Dragon.  With such a blustery start, the Dragon year will surely be an auspicious one for everyone!  This is my first blog on this site and I look forward to hearing back from anyone out there.  If you're also a writer/story-teller, drop by and say "Hello!"

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