Friday, 27 January 2012


Grandkids are a combination of deja vu and reality.  Marveling at mine, I realize nothing really changes as each generation passes.  Kids are still kids despite their vast knowledge of technology which their grandparents and great-grandparents are still grabbling with.  Reality is seeing how the gene pool from all the family members manage to create a little person who is still exploring their world. I truly marvel that my two older grandkids--one is away from home, feeling his independence at his first year of University while the second grandchild turned 16 and has her learner's license to drive a car.  The 5 year old is completing her year of kindergarten while the baby, who will be 11-months in a few days, is figuring out her domain and learning how to navigate with her fast crawl--but, soon, she will pull herself up and let go of any supports and finally walk on her own.  I watched as the little ones interact with the seniors who took an avid interest in everything they did.  When I brought the baby over to visit them, all the ladies immediately responded and had the baby laughing. Grandkids are a wonder--they really know how to push the limits with their parents.  And, they definitely know their grandparents have different expectations.  But always, grandkids are a ray of sunshine and a source of joy.  They are also honest as they have yet to learn diplomacy

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