Saturday, 11 August 2012

Frivolous and Frothy

I've been told my blog pieces are "frothy," whatever that means. I think my critics mean it's quick to read, easily absorbed and fast to forget!  Yep, I think "seriousblogger" felt my last blog regarding my enthusiastic read of "The Innocent" by David Baldacci, was too frivolous to even consider as a serious book review, not that I had intended it to be a book review. I merely reported on a very enjoyable thriller--a riveting Baldacci attention-grabber of a book.
I liked it.

As for frothy, I enjoy writing down my random thoughts or opinions on various topics and putting it online for anyone interested in reading it. Current events in the newspapers or on radio/television, even a chance comment made by someone or perhaps an observation could trigger a creative urge--or maybe not.

Writing is often based on observations, chance comments, an unforgettable experience. How many of us have incorporated something we have encountered into our writing?

Anyway, thank you "seriousblogger" for your comment. It's nice to know several people are taking the time to read this blog. Feedback is always important, good or bad. If constructive criticism is taken in the spirit it is intended, it can make the difference between a writer and a good writer who wants to be better. I want to be a better good writer.

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