Friday, 24 August 2012

Pass It On

In this century of disposables, fast foods and Google, it is so easy to accept the conveniences and take it all for granted. But you know what?--the simple day-to-day courtesies can just as easily fall to the roadside. Genuine smiles and a few sincere words cost us nothing and should be passed on more often.

Sometimes I like to gift the full mega-watt smile to someone with the sternest or the most grumpiest face.  You know, that's the smile where the eyes and face truly reflect the joy you are feeling and want to share. And when you pass Mr. Sourpuss, you give him eye contact and a happy nod as if to say, "Hey, I hope you're having a great day too!" and keep walking.
But if you ever glance back, you will see a most astonishing phenomena ninety-nine percent of the time. Mr. Sourpuss suddenly feels so good at receiving this mega-watt smile from a total stranger, he passes it on to the next lucky recipient.  Mission accomplished. At least, I hope that's what happens--I like to think so.

Department stores have stream-lined their services a lot. Certain "Customer Service" centres (or cashiers) are placed strategically throughout the store allowing customers to pay for their purchases wherever they happen to be, unless of course, it hits coffee breaks or meal breaks. The hot weather, coupled with the frustrations of long line-ups due to a shortage of "Opened" cashiers, can make the gentlest of customers, the snarliest. The unfortunate cashiers who must deal with all of this definitely need "combat pay." It's easy for us to gift them a genuine smile and a few words of appreciation, acknowledging their stressful day. But more often than not, people like to add more stress by acting like total jerks.

Not only the simple courtesies of "please" and "thank you" but a note or card of appreciation for a gift received or a job well done is worth more in good-will than any monetary value. Most young kids today are more likely to email or text their appreciation--snail-mail doesn't apply in their electronic techie world. If you do have nieces, nephews or grandkids who do this, be thankful their parents are teaching them the niceties of life. Kids who take the time to write or text a few words of thanks will always have that advantage of knowing Life's simple courtesies. These kids will be caring, considerate and kind, treating others the way they, themselves like to be treated. These are the kids who will keep the legacy going--passing along mega-watt smiles and kind words where needed.

Have you smiled at someone today?

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